Chinese Food Cannot Give You Coronavirus. Tell a Friend.

Working from home, to self-quarantining and cancelling sporting events, social distancing may help mitigate the coronavirus crisis but it’s destroying small businesses around the country. Small local businesses are not only suffering from customer cancellations due to self-isolation, but also from lack of insurance cover and support from other organisations. Although these causes are beyond... Continue Reading →


The 90s was truly an interesting time for the development of music. Being my favourite era for music, it was a time in which styles morphed and/or merged into music that often sounded both edgy and oddly familiar. Known as Grunge, the music fused heavy metal with 70's hardcore punk and lyrics that spoke to... Continue Reading →

The psychological effects of Brexit

Since the day following the vote of the EU referendum, the fear of an unknown future affects the minds of many. Levels of anxiety and uncertainty have also affected many UK citizens. Great changes certainly affect the emotional state of individuals. Undoubtedly, young people including myself feel uncertainty looking towards the future. With there being... Continue Reading →

Top five experiences with lucid dreaming

In a lucid dream, the dreamer is able to realise, during their dream, that they're having a dream. What makes this topic so fascinating is that with practice, a person can learn to control almost every aspect of their dreams, constructing their own dream-like world however they please. This gives people the opportunity to live... Continue Reading →

Journalism and me

Since I was born, journalism had been part of my everyday life. Turn on the radio- there’s journalism, discussing big events and casualties that I’ve heard about- there’s journalism again. It’s crazy to think that one journalist has the power to deliver information that can lead to an instant spread of knowledge that the whole... Continue Reading →

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