Motivational Muses: Kali Uchis — Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios) Album Review

Sin Miedo the new album released by Colombian-American singer and songwriter Kali Uchis, is a prime example of exotic music that carries an infectious energy at its core. Not only through her angelic voice, but through the synchronisation of dreamy, melodic sounds that transition into floaty, hip-hop reggaeton as the songs progress through the album.

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The album was released on 18 November 2020.

Uchis sharpens the spotlight on her bilingual, binational Latinx repertoire in the album, directly translated as “Without Fear (of Love and Other Demons)”.

The dexterity by which she flitters between both English and Spanish, particularly shown through Quiero Sentirme Bien and Aqui Yo Mando, not only makes her music more extrinsic, but also emphasises the growing popularity of the Latin language in today’s mainstream releases.

The two starting tracks, La Luna Enamorada and Fue Mejor, both set a slower speed to introduce the project, although the second comes in with a more intense and driven beat to start picking up the pace.

Along with the gently plucked guitar and flowed out effects, the songs carry a deep message through her soulful voice and lyrics, as she expresses her vulnerability within love.

The chorus in Aqui Yo Mando and Vaya Con Dios carries an infectious energy as Uchis delivers her story through light, soulful, and instantly captivating vocals that truly express her vulnerability. The guitar riff in Vaya Con Dios— a soothing, melodic stream of notes, glided over atmospheric pop beats, transports the listener into a deep state of relaxation.

Towards the end of her second album, it is identifiable that the sonic language of Sin Miedo transitions into one primarily based around the 2020 Western blueprint for pop — stammering beats and rich sounds of synth are at the core of the songs, with the Latin being subtle. Te Pongo Mal, however, displays more of a reggaeton influence, which takes cues from modern trap and hip-hop with rolling high hats and rhythmic pattern.

It is clear that the Spanish lyrics influence a completely new and different feel to Kali Uchis’s work, especially in comparison to her previous album, Isolation.

Although this can be hard to get used to for people who do not know the language fluently, it is never really an issue with the ability to search for the English translations within a few seconds.

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