An Experience: My First Tarot Card Reading

Before this, I only had one ‘psychic’ reading experience, which involved drinking coffee and then having my future predicted based on the sediments remaining on the bottom of the cup. Whilst ‘you will meet the man of your dreams’ and ‘you will be successful’ are all nice to hear, it didn’t really help me believe what she was saying was genuine. How did I know that this ‘psychic’ wasn’t receiving twenty quid per session just to repeat the same thing to every person?

Then last month I saw the notice in a shop window about a Tarot card reading available nearby. At first I was sceptical, but then I looked back to my previous reading experience and wondered if this one would have a different outcome. And I was right. From the moment I sat down, with the cards faced down on the table, my whole outlook on psychic readings and life began to change. And without knowing, this is what triggered the start of my self-discovery and self-development journey.


With a strange feeling of trepidation for what I’m about to do, I was handed the cards to shuffle. With the cards in hand, a part of me began to feel doubtful – will this just be a waste of my time and money again? I handed the cards back to her, and she laid them out face down on the table, and told me to choose ten of the cards that I felt ‘drawn to’. After I chose my ten, she organised the cards in their proper order, as each card was meant to tell the story of the human journey through life. Then she turned them over for interpretation.

The cards represent symbols and stories which we all relate to, as they tell the story of the human journey through life. These are the list of the main interpretations and messages retrieved from each card:

  • The first card was the ‘trigger’ card, which is meant to tell the reader something about your energy and situation. This was the interpretation: You are a very career-driven person who has a great passion for your degree. However, emotional conflicts tend to get in the way of your focus on your career and journalism work. I told her this was true, and she gave me advice on channelling these emotions in order to focus on myself more and see the big picture. From this, I realised that doing some work experience alongside my degree would be the solution. At this point in time, my career is the priority.
  • Past events are currently still having an effect on you, which seems to be subconsciously affecting the actions and decisions you make. Later on this will pass through as you enter new stages in life. As soon as she said this, I could instantly think of events from my childhood that seem to stay with me in the back of my mind.
  • There seems to be a lot of barriers in your way, and right now it’s hard for you to get past them. There are a lot of different things in your life that are holding you back. Instantly, I knew that I could relate to this. There were hurdles in my life which were really difficult to get past (a lot of them revolving around relationships) – but you can’t just wake up one morning and change those things. After explaining to her what was bothering me, she told me that it’s OK to be uncertain about things at such a young age. It’s normal – just roll with it and try not to control everything. She really helped put things into perspective and I had never looked at things so clearly before.
  • There are wonderful things waiting for you once you’re just able to get past these barriers in your life, in terms of love – whether it be friendships or relationships. Hearing this made me feel really excited, and made me want to change myself and get out of my comfort zone, explore my life and finally get past those barriers to see what’s waiting for me.
  • A new passion of yours is helping you deal with the emotional conflicts in your mind. Keep doing it. Immediately, the first thing that came into mind was the fact I started kickboxing a few months before, and in general, I found it extremely beneficial in helping to relieve all those negative emotions. All of your thoughts and worries tend to disappear for a good hour and a half.
  • You have the ability to achieve great success, if you put your mind to it. Again, enlightening words to hear.
  • Finally, the death card was revealed. My immediate response to this was panic. At some point later in life, you will experience a form of rebirth. She told me that this will completely change my mindset and outlook on life, whether it be marriage, having children, or an occurrence of death. For the good or the bad.

Tarot cards or not, getting different perspectives on your life is important. 

Here’s the thing. Whether or not you’re a believer, it’s always nice to take a step back and explore your relationships, gain clarity, or identify areas in need of improvement. It’s even perfect for if you need to make a difficult decision or simply wish to improve your life. A psychic is certainly no therapist, but an outsider’s perspective can still spur a little bit of thinking outside the box and checking in with oneself when it’s necessary.

Contrary to popular belief, the image of the old fashioned fortune teller is no longer valid as we have developed psychologically, and we use Tarot for insight, direction and reflection rather than trying to divine the winning lottery numbers.

And that sit-down taught me that sometimes it just takes a little bit of prodding from someone unfamiliar to take the necessary steps for self-evaluation. If I hadn’t consulted her, I probably wouldn’t have noticed some of my own patterns or been a little bit more self-critical in regards to my approach.

I love deep experiences like this and if the opportunity ever arises again, I would definitely do another Tarot Card reading! Have you ever done one? Are you interested in doing one? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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