Chinese Food Cannot Give You Coronavirus. Tell a Friend.

Working from home, to self-quarantining and cancelling sporting events, social distancing may help mitigate the coronavirus crisis but it’s destroying small businesses around the country.

Small local businesses are not only suffering from customer cancellations due to self-isolation, but also from lack of insurance cover and support from other organisations.

Although these causes are beyond the public’s control, some businesses are suffering due to really weird reasons.

Take Chinese food shops for instance. The UK has hundreds of thousands of restaurants and takeaways, with a high number of them being Chinese food shops.

If you’ve been ordering Chinese food from the same place, which never gave you any symptoms of illness before, how could it magically give you the coronavirus now? Get a grip people. 

How many times do owners have to assure you their shops are disinfected, the food is safe to eat and NO employees would be allowed to work if sick.

Italy has an extreme outbreak and is currently struggling more than China to contain it, but we’re not avoiding pizzas are we?

Help keep the small businesses alive through this terrible time. If you’re ordering food, don’t limit your choices based on xenophobic or misguided fears. 

If you’re staying at home, make it easy on yourself. It’s the perfect time for self-care. So, treat yourself and order that Chinese. We may be here for a while.

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