5 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Truly Happy

The World Happiness Report, recently published by The Daily Mail, ranked 156 countries by happiness. It was revealed that while Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland topped the table, there was no sign of Britain in the top ten.

…So here are five things you should give up if you want to be happy:

  1. Give Up On Your Past

We all have a past.

It can be filled with good experiences, or negative crap that is screwing up your present. How you were yesterday, or even a couple of years ago does not reflect you now.

So, if you don’t want your future to look like your past, you have to let go of the baggage that is holding you back.

Simply look back with a neutral mindset. Credit: Giphy

And if you wish you could re-live a moment, remember the present is all that you have. So move on, and focus on building the future that you always dreamed of.

2. Give Up Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparison will only make you feel worse about yourself. Credit: Giphy

A lot of the time, we find ourselves looking at other people in real life or social media – thinking that their lives are better, they look better, or they seem more successful. Then we start beating ourselves up over it.

Quit comparing yourself to others. It will not make you happy.

Instead, focus on you. Your strengths… the things that make you an awesome and unique individual.

Although it’s hard, the day you stop comparing yourself to others is the day that you will become much happier.

3. Give Up On Negative People

We all have negative people in our life.

They complain, they’re manipulative… and controlling.

You know who they are. People are allowed to have their off days, but if they’re having a negative impact on you all the time – why are you spending time with them? It’s your life, and your happiness comes first.

Know when to get the hell out of there. Credit: Giphy

It’s hard to cut people out of your life. But once you do, the results will be life-changing.

4. Give Up On Seeking The Approval Of Others

We all want to be liked, but way too many of us are living our lives based on the approval of others.

We spend our lives trying to please others by living up to their expectations. Stop. You do not have control over what people think of you.

So instead, stop caring what others think of you, and focus on your happiness.

Your opinion is the only one that matters. Credit: Giphy

5. Give Up On Perfection.

No one is perfect. You will drive yourself mad if you want everything to be perfect.

You catch yourself constantly striving for more—more money, more stuff, more beauty, more brains.. But no matter how much you get, it’s still not enough.

Take everything one step at a time. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for trying, making progress, and coming as far as you have. 

Be proud of everything you’ve achieved. Credit: Giphy

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