Blackface Scandal In Fashion Industry Returns As Katie Perry Is Scrutinised For Her Racist Fashion Line Shoes

Katy Perry’s shoe collection is loathed by the public for representing a blackface. Following the blackface concerns, Perry is reportedly removing two shoe styles from her symbolic footwear collection.

The appearance on the black shoes in both styles drew comparisons to blackface, the racist face-painting practice used by white people that uses black paint and exaggerated facial features to mock enslaved Africans.

“I was saddened when it was brought to my attention that it was being compared to painful images reminiscent of blackface,” Katy says in a statement.

The pop-star also admitted her intention was never to inflict pain on anyone. Following the removal of her shoes from both Walmart’s and Dillards’ websites, she is still being scrutinised by citizens for her “ignorance” and unawareness of the impact the product would have on people.

In the UK the shoes are also available through Amazon, but the derogatory shoes are no longer on sale.

A few days before the comparison, the blackface scandal hit the population when Gucci was also backlashed for selling an $890 black sweater with large red lips that also resembled the derogatory blackface makeup.

Prada also face accusations of racism after a shopper noticed a trinket in a store window display in New York strongly relating to the features of blackface. The Italian fashion industry also issued an apology towards this.

Celebrity Charlie Brinkhurst Cuff makes a complaint tweet about how fashion industries are oblivious to their ‘racist’ clothing items.

What do you make out of the Scandal? Do you think it’s derogatory behaviour? Leave a comment below.

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