Top five experiences with lucid dreaming

In a lucid dream, the dreamer is able to realise, during their dream, that they’re having a dream. What makes this topic so fascinating is that with practice, a person can learn to control almost every aspect of their dreams, constructing their own dream-like world however they please. This gives people the opportunity to live out their fantasies in dreams- without there being any consequences.

Lucid dreams are co-created by two players: the unconscious and conscious mind.

During a lucid dream you’re in REM (rapid eye movement) dreaming sleep, but part of your brain reactivates while you are dreaming. This allows you to experience the dream consciously.

Throughout this post I’ll discuss the top five things to do, from my personal experience, in a lucid dream;

  1. Learn to fly

For me, this is by far the best feeling experience as it is something we humans could never physically do without the aid of a parachute or being inside of an aeroplane. The feeling of lifting off in the air with nothing but your own body is incredibly exhilarating and sensational- you feel as you have everything in control. You feel limitless and free. I remember many times I’ve had this dream- taking off from England and flying to places such as South Africa, landing within a few minutes.

2. Talking to long lost relatives

If you’ve lost a relative, miss them and would like to talk to them again, you can communicate with them within your lucid dream. Your mind remembers how they used to talk and act, so if you ask them questions they’ll answer based on this information. I’ve experienced this a few times with my grandad who passed away a few years ago- just being able to hug him and speak to him again was a worthwhile experience.

3. Relive memories and experiences

Reliving good memories you’ve experienced- for example as a child is a very enjoyable thing to experience. Memories are always stored in your mind- even when you can’t recall them when you’re fully awake. I love experiencing the fun things I’ve done in the past, for example laughing so hard with your mates that your stomach hurts, or your sixth birthday party when your parents are bringing out the cake with a huge smile on their faces, everyone singing and clapping. Life was good. This makes me realise how much times have changed.

4. Be good at things you don’t know how to do in real life

Have you ever skydived? If not, the videos you’ve watched can influence the sensations you feel in your dream.

Often when I have lucid dreams, I tend to dream about things that I’ve never done well before. For example, I’ve dreamt about having a really good voice and singing on stage in front of thousands of people, or being an astrophysicist. Even if you’ve never done certain things, your mind will create an experience relating to videos you’ve seen about it.

5. Change the course of time

For us, time is always moving too slow or too quickly. In a lucid dream however, we have the ability to change the course of time to move it to the pace you enjoy. Quite a few times I would have the ability to make time slower so I could really enjoy and appreciate certain moments.

How about you? Have you ever experienced a lucid dream? If so, share your experience. Leave a comment down below.

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