Are our ‘Premonition’ Dreams real?

When Paul was 10, he dreamt that his best classmate suddenly disappeared from the school and was never to be seen again. The next day, this scenario played out in real life. It started off with the teacher calling out his name on the register and there being no reply. This continued days onward when it was announced in assembly that he had gone missing and no one knew when and how. Alice dreamt that a call came over the radio mentioning that 10 people were killed. The next night, the exact same call came through.

Can these dreams tell us anything? Or are they just a coincidence? These type of dreams are by far one of the most mysterious, in-explainable things a person can experience as they show what hasn’t even happened yet in real life.


Every night when we sleep, we dream. It’s our subconscious mind’s way of processing the day and releasing stress for a fresh new start the next morning. There are common dreams we’ve all experienced such as showing up to an exam late, being naked in public, flying down stairs. But most dreams are just dreams. They can give us insight into our anxieties, worries and fears, and they also allow our inner most self the freedom to express itself. They could also be a sign that you have strong intuitive abilities, and sometimes they occur to warn us. Especially if you have a recurring dream or there are common elements in most of your dreams, your subconscious is definitely trying to tell you something. So despite the dreams that reflect our inner emotions, how on earth can it be possible for a dream to have the potential to show you what will happen in the future and sometimes be so accurate and exact about it?

However it seems that premonitions occur to show us something that could happen either very soon or further into the future, which is hard to understand how this can even happen. I remember my aunt saying around 30 years ago she had a dream that Sting performed live very near to where to lived, and then the next night she heard his voice and found out that it came true. When I was younger I also had a dream about making friends with certain people who I knew nothing about at the time- or had never spoken to. In these dreams there were certain, specific things they would tell me about themselves. Then I would find myself meeting and becoming close with these people as time went on- and the things I found out about them from the dream were real.

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