Journalism and me

Since I was born, journalism had been part of my everyday life. Turn on the radio- there’s journalism, discussing big events and casualties that I’ve heard about- there’s journalism again. It’s crazy to think that one journalist has the power to deliver information that can lead to an instant spread of knowledge that the whole world knows and talks about. Without journalism, we wouldn’t know what’s going on in the world. News is also something that can be used once you run out of conversation starters, as the majority would’ve heard about the topic too.

The act of being a journalist has always inspired me- the ability to think visually about how you would put a whole story together and delivering the right style and content to your audience. The fact that journalists need to be flexible about what they’re writing about (especially if it’s outside of their speciality) is a skill that I look up to and hope to develop. Since I first started my education, English has always been my strongest subject, which is what lead me into doing it at A level and achieving a B. Now here I am, at the University of Portsmouth starting the first week of my Journalism degree.

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